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Pragtoria is an island continent, with three political divisions and seven main land areas.




Presonia – Presonia was founded by a hearty group of adventurers who are well known for their attack on Hell during their heyday. Two of the six adventuers have passed away, one has recently become a recluse, and three have moved on to other lands.
Trumverness – This city, the capital of Presonia, was founded by the Arch Wizard Gercoffe, who has ruled kindly over the country, along with his cohorts for many years. The wizard is rarely seen nowadays, and contact with Trumverness has been sporadic of late.
Hell’s Keep – Founded by Lord Shallenge, the key fighter in the group, he was tasked with taming the pass through the mountains, and keeping the country safe from those in the mountains. Despite his passing nearly a decade ago, his followers keep this area safe, led by one of his henchmen Bannor.
Palakeep – The Paladin Lord Noramros founded this keep along the coast, near the port town of Portside, which he also managed until his death 5 years ago. Gercoffe and the monk Mosalan I now manage these areas from afar, Gercoffe from Trumverness, and Grand Master Mosalan from his home off continent.

Kelso – Kelso was founded by the last two members of the group that founded Presonia, and this area was once part of Presonia. Now, it is more a loosely organized area of craftsmen, hooligans and theives, since Master Thieves Beakarian and Corod Arez left for elven lands over 20 years ago.
City of Kelso – This city was the capital of this south eastern province, but no longer acts as a capital. The guildmasters of the various guilds pretty much run the town, with the guildmaster of the Thieves Guild holding the most power. There are many quality craftsman from weapons and armor smiths, to crystal and gemworkers, to creators of magical items based here. Many have come here to avoid the tarrifs that can be associated with crafting their wares in Carlisle or Northbury.

Pragtoria – The main political division of the state takes the same name as the continent itself. It is also a very loosely organized area, with taxes mostly low and collected very haphazardly, since the leaders make most of their money off of the rich vibrant farmland near the capital of Carlisle. While they claim all of the territory north of the Southern Forest, in truth, they do not require, or request taxes or tithes from anyone dwelling in the Dwarven Hills, with the exception of the town of Hillford.
The country is managed by the Pragtoria Council, a council of 11 members. Five of these positions are permanent positions, awarded to the elite of the country, and six are elected positions, with one of those positions representing Northbury and the North Lands.
Carlisle – The capitol city, it is surrounded by the most fertile land on the island, and most of it is owned by the town itself, providing most of it’s income. As several of the town’s original group of rulers were druids, the abundant farmland is rotated and managed so that it can maintain its potency for the long term. The city continues to be managed by a City Council, which must always include at least one druid, and two of the city farmers, as well as selected or elected representatives of the various areas of the city, and one member of the Pragtoria Council.
Farfolk – Farfolk is the primary western port on the island, and manages much of the commercial goods sent to Carslile via road or upriver on the Tranquil River.
Garen’s Port – As Farfolk is the primary western port, Garen’s Port is the primary eastern port for the country. While it does serve Carlisle for some imports, it primary serves as the main large port for the North Lands, and Hillford. The town is run by the halfling Garn Thunderfoot, and is the primary base of operations for halflings on the island.
Northbury – Northbury is the unofficial capitol of the North Lands, but moreover, it is known as Adventurers’ City. It hosts upwards of 30 training facilities for adventurers, although only a bit over 50% of those are stable schools, the rest mainly lasting a few years, and giving way to other schools as they fail.

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