Pragtoria, Island of Adventure

Pragtoria is known for its fertile fields in the central plains, the Adventurers training city of Northbury, and the wild druid Southern Forest. It is an island where most races get along, and the darker races have been held in check by the glut of adventurers in the west, and the mighty legends in the east. However, things do change.
Shallenge and ?? have passed away, Beakarian and ?? have left for their elven homes; even Mosalan has moved his monks to a distant land. Only the Arch Wizard Gercoffe remains, and even he seems to have gone into hiding.
The denizens of the deep are getting a bit bolder, and are banding together. Can anyone band the people of Pragtoria together, or at least convince the leaders that they NEED to band together, before it is too late?