Pragtoria is akin to southern hemisphere areas on Earth, being that the southern areas are cooler than northern areas. Most of the continent is temperate, with the coldest areas in the south and west of the continent.

North Lands - The North Lands are north of the Dwarven Hills, and make up the northernmost part of the island. The area is made up of forested foothills, forests, sand dunes and marshy areas, as well as the interior grasslands and farmlands. There are several villages in the north lands, but only one true city, Northbury, which is known as the town of adventurers, named for the many training schools located there.

Dwarven Hills – The Dwarven Hills are a mountain range separating the Northern Plains from the Central Plans, and are home to most of the native dwarves and gnomes of the island.

Central Plains – The Central Plains are bordered on the North by the Dwarven Mountains, the south by the Southern Forest, and the east by the Eastron Mountains. The capital of Carlisle is near Lake Akaska, which is at the confluence of 3 major creeks. This area has some of the best farmland on the continent.

Eastron Mountains – The Eastron mountains separate the Eastern plains from the Central Plains, Southen Forest, an the Southern Tundra. Much like the southern portion of the Eastern Plains, these mountains, other than the pass near Hell’s Keep, are considered wild. While there are gnomes and dwarves that hail from the range, there are many more humanoids of a more sinister intent who call this area home.

Eastern Plains – The Eastern Plains are home to Presonia, and a loosely organized area known as Kelso. The northern Presonia remains stable despite the passing of many of it’s founders, while Kelso is more rough and tumble, as that area’s founders left many years ago.

Southern Forest – The Southern Forest is the densest on the continent, although it works from light to heavy. It is home to a natural Hot Springs at it’s eastern end, a hot springs that feeds the Warm Run river that manages to keep the area temperate despite it’s proximity to the Southern Tundra. This area is home to many of the druid groves of the continent.

Southern Tundra – The Southern Tundra is largely untamed area comprised of snow fields, ice, and the Dead Forest. Few except the founders of Presonia know much about the area, and possibly some of the druids of the Southern Forest.


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